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Our Vision is very simple: Reach the Unreached. That means,

we are reaching people with the message of the love of God.

Therefor we conduct evangelistic campaigns and crusades in various parts of the world.

RTU have had crusades in Africa, Central and south Asia, and eastern and central Europe and have demonstrated the Love of Christ to the most unreached people.

We believe in the Power of the Gospel, and have seen signs and wonders, healing and deliverance following the preaching of the gospel.

After the gospel crusades we believe in effective follow up and church planting.

You are invited to come and join our Vision and Mission...

Pastor und Evangelist Khalid Shaheen with his Family

Upcoming Events

19-25 August 2019

Krakow, Poland Crusade

26-1st  September 2019

Warsaw, Poland Crusade 

8  September 2019

Ministry in Joshua Kirche Papenburg

6  October 2019

Ministry in Joshua Kirche Papenburg

9-19  October 2019

Pakistan Crusade

20  October 2019

Pentecostal Church Stuttgart

1-2  November 2019

Europe Impact Conference Milan, Italy

3rd  November 2019

Ministry in Joshua Kirche Papenburg

15-25  November 2019

Nepal Crusade

8  December 2019

Ministry in Joshua Kirche Papenburg

14  December 2019

Conference in Oldenburg

21  December 2019

RTU Mission Christmas fest

A Picture Paints a thousand  Words

Would you Like to join our mission to reach the unreached?

We invite you to partner with us with your prayers and with your financial support - Thank you so much!

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Donation via Creditcard & Paypal will be able soon!

endorsment - What People Say about RTU-Mission

I'm familiar with Pastor Shaheen and his Mission for many years and I'm so glad to see the Kingdom of God spread around the World through RTU-Mission.

werner Nachtigal

Evangelist and Founder

of "no limit e.V.

Pastor Khalid Shaheen is reliable and a good Friend of mine. He managed our Pakistan crusades and now he leads RTU-Mission. 

 Bernd Goldbach


I come to know Khalid, his  Family and especially his ministry and I'm delighted about their Passion for God. That a great inspiration

Jonathan Lommel

Christian Bookauthor

Annual Report of 2018 

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